BUMP OF CHICKEN’s new song will be the opening theme song for the anime “SPY×FAMILY” (with commentary / with video)

CHICKEN HUMPThe new song from “SOUVENIR” has been selected as the opening theme for the second season of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY,” which will air on TV Tokyo starting Saturday, October 1.



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“SPY×FAMILY” Visual (c) Tatsuya Endo / Shueisha SPY×FAMILY Production Committee[expansion]

BUMP OF CHICKEN Distribution Jacket

Distribution jacket BUMP OF CHICKEN “SOUVENIR”[expansion]

“SPY × FAMILY” isTatsuya Endois a work based on a popular manga serialized in Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump+”,Official HIGE DANDismis the opening theme song for the first cool,Gen Hoshinowas in charge of the ending theme song for the same cool. BUMP OF CHICKEN, which will serve as the opening theme song for the 2nd yard, wrote “SOUVENIR,” saying, “I wrote down the feelings I feel for the listeners I meet at the concert venue by comparing them to the road to an important place.” I speak. You can listen to part of “REMEMBERING” in the anime preview video posted on YouTube along with the theme song announcement.

Before the anime aired, it was decided that “SOUVENIR” would be distributed and aired on September 29. The distribution jacket is produced by VERDY, who has been working on the works of BUMP OF CHICKEN for several years. It has a warm and soft design that expresses the song’s worldview.

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Impressions when it was decided to be in charge of the opening theme song

It was a book that all the members liked to read, so I was very honored when I received the offer.
I watched the 1st season of the anime every week, and I was filled with anticipation for the 2nd season.

Impressions after reading the original manga “SPY x FAMILY”

It’s a scene that’s almost completely different from the world we live in, but there were many points where I could empathize with the feelings of the various characters living there, and it made me laugh and cry many times. .
The Forgers are very charming and their attitude towards their fake family often angers me.
This is the family I want to see forever.
I’m just curious what will happen next.

Thoughts put into song titles and songs

I wrote what I feel for the listeners I meet at the concert venue, comparing it to the road leading to an important place.

Message to those who are looking forward to the anime

I can’t wait to be at the 2nd yard, and I want to watch over the activities of the Forger family with everyone.
We hope you enjoy our song “SOUVENIR” as well as the opening animation. All the members are very impressed by the very beautiful animation.

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