“Chimudondon” John Kabira Makes Surprise Appearance “An Opportunity to Shine Bright in Kawahira Family History” – Real Sound

  1. “Chimu Dondon” John Kabira makes a surprise appearance “An opportunity to shine bright in the history of the Kawahira family”true sound
  2. John Kabira, the narrator of “Chimudondon”, makes an appearance as a visitor “No way~~~!”To the web portal
  3. ‘Chimudondon’ Narrator John Kabira Takes Emotional Surprise Visit ‘Miracle’ Appears In Cameo With His Dad, Chosei Kawahira And Other Family MembersAppendix Sponichi
  4. NHK Morning Drama “Chimudondon” 16th 115th Synopsis As Nobuko’s (Yuna Kuroshima) scheduled delivery date approaches, Kenhide (Ryusei Ryo) and Kiyoe (Aimi Satsukawa) have a surprising development…sanspo
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