“Donjara NEO ZAKU Selection” for “Zaku” lovers is here! Pre-orders start today, September 15 (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]Bandai’s Global Toy Planning department has renewed the image matching game “Donjara”, which has been selling various characters for more than 40 years, into a new format “Donjara NEO” suitable for the times. “Donjara NEO ZAKU Selection” which will be released this time will be the first product. ■ “Donjara NEO ZAKU selection” In this product, all the pie models included are Zaku. □ Composed of 74 different planes! The 74 planes that appeared in the previous series are included in the Donjara product for Zaku enthusiasts. This is exactly the ultimate Donjara made only with Zaku, and various Zaku that appeared in previous series are recorded. Different roles are prepared so that you can play with full use of working knowledge. Bet all your professional knowledge and aim for victory with the strongest role that matches the worldview.[Contenu de l’ensemble]84 pies, 4 pies, 4 game frames, 1 game sheet (both sides), 4 pie lids, 24 100,000 Jaracoins, 24 50,000 Jaracoins, 10,000 Jaracoins 42 sheets / PKG product size about 170 x 298 x 42 mm (H x W x D) Pie (each) Approx 25 x 19 x 12 mm (H x W x D) Pie pan (each) Approx 138 x 80 x 14 mm Game frame (each) Approx 295 x 45 x 13 mm Game sheet Approx. 286 x 286 mm (H x W) Pie case cover (each) Approx. ) Diameter approx. 23 mm 10,000 Jaracoins (each) Diameter approx. 23 mm ・Order start date: 15 September ・Sales Route: Bandai Namco “Premium Bandai” Group Mail Order Official Site ・Product Shipment: Expected December *Image is an image. * Please check the product page for the latest information and details. *Product specifications are subject to change without notice. *The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from the actual product. * Range and pie design also includes Zaku genealogy. ©Sotsu/Sunrise

HOBBY watch, Takayuki Midorisato (Craful)

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