Former General Manager of KADOKAWA and others directly ask Takahashi to select sponsors… Seizure of reporting documents to Chairman Kadokawa-Yomiuri Shimbun Online

  1. Former General Manager of KADOKAWA and Others Ask Takahashi Directly to Select Sponsors… Documents of Report to President Kadokawa ConfiscatedYomiuri Shimbun online
  2. [Commentaire]Strong earthquake! KADOKAWA president arrested… Olympic money mentioned by former JOC adviser “Sponsors would be 5 billion yen, 2.5 billion yen and 1.5 billion yen in three stages” (September 15 2022)MBS NEWS
  3. If the KADOKAWA brand fails, leaving the creators alone will inevitably affect the lifelines of anime, games, etc.Appendix Sponichi
  4. Saitama Governor Arrests KADOKAWA PresidentNihon Keizai Shimbun
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