Hikaru Utada/Gen Hoshino/Ms. GREEN APPLE Release Spotify Video, Highlights From Video Single “Go Stream” (Billboard JAPAN)

Other photosSince launching in Japan in the fall of 2016, Spotify has used technology to evolve the way music is enjoyed and delivered. For example, personalized playlists and recommendations, the lyrics function, “Singalong” which allows singing together by adjusting the voice volume, “Liner Voice +” which allows artists to comment on songs between songs on the album , the favorite artists of the past five years, we have provided “new encounters” for artists and listeners, and at the same time deep “connections”, such as the ability to quickly check live information and easily buy online. a few clicks. “Go Stream” is also an attempt to provide listeners with a multi-faceted musical experience that goes beyond “listening” and to support artists’ realization of creative expression through new methods. On July 20, as a first step, Spotify’s “RADAR: Early Noise” program made a jump to the top artist, Zutto Mayonaka Ii Nini. and Vaundy’s newly shot performance video will be distributed as a limited video single to Spotify. And this time, which will be the second installment, we have partnered with three of the country’s top artists who have expanded their playing field both domestically and internationally through streaming. For example, Utada Hikaru’s theme song “One Last Kiss” for the movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” released on March 10 last year ranked first on J-POP charts in nine countries and regions, mainly in Asia, and overall. still fresh in my memory that it entered the TOP 100 ranking. In addition, this year, for the first time in his career, he participated in the “festival” on the main stage of the world’s largest music festival “Coachella Festival” held in California, United States, corresponding exactly to the concept of “Go Stream”. It can be said that the existence of Plus, Gen Hoshino’s new song “Kigeki” (the ending theme song of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY”), which was released in April this year, ranked in Spotify’s Global Viral Songs Chart. one after the other. In addition, it has also recorded high rankings on viral charts in various countries, including Asian regions such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and North and South American regions such as the United States, Canada, Chile and Peru, and the song’s music video has surpassed 10 million views and is gaining momentum both at home and abroad. In addition, in June, he will appear in the “Soundwave Series” of the world famous game “FORTNITE”. A total of 6 songs such as “Kigeki”, “Fushigi” and “Koi” were performed live and became a big topic. Ms. GREEN APPLE, who was formed by three members Genki Omori (Vo, Guitar), Koto Wakai (Gt) and Ryoka Fujisawa (Key) after a hiatus of about 1 year and 8 months, also broadcasts nationally and internationally. This is a group that is expanding their playing field. Even during the break period with the release of the first best album “5” on July 8, 2020, “Ao to Natsu”, “Inferno”, “Stippled Song feat. Six songs , “Boku no Koto”, “Romanticism”, and “WanteD! Wanted!” have exceeded 100 million views in total. Among them, “Blue and Summer” and “Inferno” have obtained strong support, exceeding 300 million views. The original music videos shot by these three groups are images singles that use the vertical angle of view to adapt to viewing on smartphones. First, Hikaru Utada selected “Somewhere Near Merseilles-Marseilles-“, an acid house song that is over 12 minutes long, extracted of his 8th studio album “BAD Mode” released in January this year. Based on the concept of “Hikaru Utada’s special live performance at Ocean View club ‘SEA PARADISE’ on all floors”, the shooting took place at the aquarium (Hakkeijima Sea Paradise) at night after closing.The aquarium is likened to a dance floor, and Utada sings and dances with hammerhead shark heads and sunfish floating in the tank like spaceships in the background. The mysterious floating object that appears in the s second half a tribute to Floating Points, who co-produced this song? On the other hand, Gen Hoshino filmed a performance with Ryosuke Nagaoka (Gt), Jungo Miura (Ba) and Yasuhiro Sakurada (Key) in a tiny space that looks like a recording studio. It seems to remind us of the pleasure and warmth of being “close” to those of us who have been forced to social distance for a long time due to the corona crisis (personally, “Tiny Desk” concert organized by NPR Music)”). And Ms. GREEN APPLE, including the global hit songs “Inferno”, “Dancehall” and “New My Normal”, which were released under the new system, will be performed according to each song’s worldview. and a gorgeous production, showing off with show-up staging. The “Go Stream” series features popular songs from artists with recently shot videos and highlights their newfound appeal. Not just fans, please check it out. Text: Takanori Kuroda

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