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Hiroko Mita

 Hiroko Mita(56) is her husbandShikan Nakamura(57) admitted to living apart.

Hiroko MitaWhenShikan NakamuraSeparation report

In December last year, it was discovered that Shikan had an affair for the third time. The public reaction was more “no way” than “see you soon”, but there were also voices who said that this separation was surprising.

Since Mita’s “first affair” in 2016, Mita has shown a relaxed demeanor as “Rion’s wife,” so the couple’s relationship seemed secure.

As for the reason for the separation,

“The house next door was being renovated and the floor was shaking so much that if my husband was in the house it would be disgusting.”

explained in a weekly magazine.However, to report that the bonding partner is visiting the other house“My husband and I are both adults.”answered.“I don’t intend to divorce”Although“If my husband wants the life I have now.”He also hints that the separation is likely to last a long time.

However, this alone does not reveal the truth. First of all, she is an artist whose true intentions are difficult to read.

When Mita was 15,Mr. Xianba, Group B, Year 2](TBS series). He made his debut as a singer in 1982,Akina NakamoriIncluding (57), it was a year of great harvest for new idols, and at first glance, she had a sober impression.

However, it persists from there. From 1984, “It’s Okay to Laugh! (Fuji Television Network, Inc.) and spread the laughter with natural bokeh.Ichiban drum]was also named heroine. At the same time, I appeared on national morning and afternoon programs.

At that time, I often covered idols, and we often talked about Mita among colleagues.

When it comes to who is the current idol “Azatoi”, his name always comes out as the favorite. The rival horse was always sold with a natural blurSano quantum(54). And personally, I was pushing for a big holeRie Hatada(51).

Sano isTaketoyo(53 years old), HatakedaYoshiharu HanyuMarried to a big named man (51) and riding Tamanokoshi, but Mita is not defeated. Married Shikan, who should be a future living national treasure.Sato KondoWhile there were people like (54) who couldn’t become the ‘Pear Garden Wife’, she fit right in and established a strong position.

Mita’s “masterpiece” after the wedding is probably the press conference from six years ago. With a soft smile and a laid back tone, she berates her husband for having an affair, and as a kabuki actress, she still has a long way to go for her sons.“I will do my best as a family of five”and appeal. This response was much appreciated, but I also felt it was polite and polite.

I could feel the skill of someone from Kyoto not showing their true feelings, or rather, the stubbornness in trying to make people understand by saying, “How about a bubu-zuke?”

From “The Woman of Nothing” to “The Mother of Nothing”

That’s why I want to read too much about the fact that they admitted their separation. For example, at the end of August, she posted on Instagram a photo of her three children playing “play play” when they were little.

“Remember to be grateful and join forces and do your best with the three arrows!”

and sent an email.

By the way, “Three Arrows” is a teaching given to his sons by the warlord Sengoku Motonari Mouri. Since Shikan starred in NHK’s “Mori Motonari” taiga, the comment section was also buzzing.

In fact, her interest may have shifted to her husband’s next generation, in other words, her sons.

I probably wouldn’t even consider divorce.As a feeling, I am more “the mother of Nothing” than “the wife of Nothing”.I think that’s why I worry more about choosing my sons’ wives.

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