His Excellency Demon “Street Fighter 6” on commentary-Den Famiminico Gamer

  1. His Excellency Damon will explain himself in Street Fighter 6Denfamico Gamer
  2. [TGS2022]A life-size figure of Chun-Li welcomes you to the Capcom boothGAME Watch
  3. [TGS2022]Game report “Street Fighter 6”. Check out the performances of Guile, Julie and Kimberly, which were released for the first time in the world4Gamer.net
  4. Street Fighter 6 World Tour, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub Game Mode TrailerCapcom Channel
  5. “Street Fighter 6” Ken, Edmond Honda, Blanka and Dhalsim will be there! Character creation items and a “mini-game to destroy a car” are also released. His Excellency Demon Kogure is in the commentary[TGS2022]Famitsu.com
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