Kick’s turmoil ‘Maru Pakuri’ catches the attention of entertainment artists… ‘Actor turnover’ A win for Koume Dayu | Smart FLASH / Sumafla[光文社週刊誌]

The light and shadow of entertainment comedians grabbing attention in the turmoil of the coup

“Walk inactor“is a comedy show”god of entertainment(Nippon TV series) and is a general term for artists who stole popularity. Regular airing ended in 2010, but there is a whisper about a certain artist.

“KICK☆, who used to show Muay Thai dress jokes.pakuri“Looks like it is.” (entertainment reporter)

Kick reportedly introduced a ghost story written by writer Takeshi Ohara into the occult entertainment show “Super Mu no Sekai R” (CS Channel) without changing its content. Mr. Obara, who is known for the “Ryukyu Kaidan” series, tweeted the following on September 3 after receiving the “round scam” from Kick.

《I didn’t give any permission. After talking with my attorney early next week, I’ve decided to formally sue. It seems like a show from 2018, but even so, it’s all round. Again, I gave no permission. You can’t get away from the name of the main character as it is. It’s a shame, so I take this opportunity to file a formal protest against psychic artist Mr. Kick.》

Additionally, on the program’s official Twitter,


It was revealed that Kick had no intention of appearing in the future.

“Kick-san’s exposure as an artist has diminished, and as a result of his wandering, he may have caused this uproar.

Among the comedians who appeared in “The God of Entertainment”, there are examples such as Sumiko Nishioka who became a natural female talent and succeeded. The exposure suddenly decreased.

Entertainment comedians in particular”an amazing shotThey say there’s a ”strong’ aspect to it, and it must be pretty hard to survive in the entertainment world.” (entertainment magazine writer)

In such circumstances, an artist who calls himself “a winner”Koume Tayuis.

“Komedayu, who broke through with white makeup, is nowactorWe are also actively engaged in activities such as

On May 17, he played a willful thief in “Hoshi Shinichi’s Mysterious Mysterious Short Drama,” which aired on NHK BS Premium, and viewers commented, “The play is too good!]was acclaimed.

Before becoming an artist, Koume belonged to the Umezawa Theater Company, chaired by Takefu, the older brother of Fumio Umezawa. It is said that there will be many offers for actors in the future.

In 2009, Koume Tayu bought an apartment for 50 million yen and has a stable income. No matter how you look at him, he looked like a one-hit wonder, but his life seems to have been a “steady business.”

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