“Kimetsu no Yaiba Nezuko Crisis Ippatsu” appears in Rakuten Super DEAL. 15% points back! (Impress Watch) – Yahoo News

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]Super DEAL is a service that returns part of the purchase price of the target product with points. No entry is required and anyone who is a Rakuten member can use it. Points will be awarded as “points to earn” the day after purchase and can be used 20 days after the date of purchase. ■ “Kimetsu no Yaiba Nezuko Crisis One” This product is a Blackbeard Crisis with a design based on the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” pattern. If you insert the Nichirin sword into the barrel in order and the Nezuko Kamado doll pops out, you win.[Détails du produit]Contents of the set: Nezuko doll (1), cannon (1), Japanese sword (4 colors x 6) (24) © Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha, Aniplex, ufotable © TOMY

HOBBY watch, Yori Nagaoka (Craful)

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