Masahiro Higashide “I’m lonely because I can’t see my child” A storm of “You deserve it!”[光文社週刊誌]

Masahiro Higashide

On September 15, this magazine is an actor /Masahiro Higashidereported on the recent situation.

 filmHigashide, who has been staying in the Kansai area for a long time since August for work. He will appear in the movie “Fukudamura Incident (Provisional)” which Higashide directly called to appear. Documentary filmmaker Tatsuya Mori will be the first social filmmaker to direct a feature film.

“Mr. Higashide, who will be a freelancer in the ‘Fukudamura incident (provisional)’ and ‘start over’, will appear this time.guaranteeI heard it was several hundred thousand yen. It’s almost half the amount when I was in the office.” (entertainment reporter)

According to officials, after filming, co-star Eita Nagayama invited Higashide out for drinks with other actors. “tell the truthchildI can barely see you and I feel alone.”

“For Higashide-san,divorcedidapricotI have three children with you. In August, Anne announced that she had moved to France with her children. Even after the divorce, Mr. Higashide visited his children about once a month, but Mr. An said that was not his intention.

The physical distance also made it more difficult to meet. However, there is no way such a complaint could be defended because it was caused by his own business, and he was pointed out one after another that he is “deserving”. (Same)

《I wonder what kind of feeling Anzu spent her time feeling lonely.》

“It is rare to find a case where the word ‘self-made’ applies. Well, I have no choice but to reboot as an actor.

“Lonely? Huh? This is the seed of your lack of discipline. Reap with Temeh. What do you do in the face of a tragic hero? You are lame.》

《Adultery harassment, reluctance to pay child support…but I want to see my child, huh?》

Meanwhile, An’s YouTube video on “parent-child co-starring” with her father, Ken Watanabe, has surpassed 9.59 million views (as of September 15). There are many voices of support for the new life.

The two were once referred to as the “mandarin duck couple”. There was a big difference in favourability.

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