“Movie Delicious Party Pretty Cure” co-starred with the 4th generation of Pretty Cure in “My only child’s lunch” “Heapuri” “Stupuri” “Tropuri”

The 19th installment of the popular “Pretty Cure” anime series “Delicious Party Pretty Cure (Depapuri)” will be released as a movie version “Movie Delicious Party Pretty Cure Yumemiru Children’s Lunch!” Children’s lunch” will be screened at the same time. In addition to “Depapuri”, the 4th generation of Pretty Cure from the 16th “Star ☆ Twinkle Pretty Cure (Stupuri)”, the 17th “Healing Good Pretty Cure (Heapuri)”, and the 18th “Tropical ~ Ju! Pretty Cure (Tropuri)” will co-star and pull off a dream collaboration.

In “My Only Children’s Lunch”, the 4th generation of Pretty Cure will cook a children’s lunch together. It is said to be an experience-based work where the audience will spend time with Pretty Cure at “Pretty Cure Restaurant Theater”. A visual of the 4th generation of Pretty Cure was also released.

In commemoration of the release of the theatrical version, it was also announced that three past works of “Movie Pretty Cure” will be distributed for free on YouTube. The first installment is the theatrical version of “Tropical~Ju! Pretty Cure” “Film Tropical~Ju! Pretty Cure Snow Princess and the Miracle Ring!” be. A special talk show will also take place.

In the movie version, there are attractions with food motifs such as a tower of rice balls, a large bread wheel, and a ramen coaster. Mr. Zako (“HUGtto! Pretty Cure” and “Fresh Pretty Cure!”) will be the director, and Hitoshi Tanaka will be in charge of the screenplay. Natsuki Hanae, a popular voice actor, will play Dreamia’s main, Ketsey.

The motif of “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” is “rice”, the themes are “feelings of gratitude” and “the joy of sharing”, and the key word is “rice is a smile”. Located in a wonderful city where delicious food from all over the world gathers, Pretty Cure plays an active role in protecting everyone’s “delicious smile”. Airs every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on ABC TV and TV Asahi.

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