Mr. Ujihara and Mr. Suga from Rozan talk about the ‘Yutabon Ninety-Nine Problem’ in a video. Complaining to ‘adults around’ about Yutabon breaking his degree in the past | GetNews Communication Gadget

Yutabon, an absentee YouTuber and self-proclaimed revolutionary boy who caused controversy by showing how he struggled with the times table on Represent Fox’s YouTube program, which aired live on September 3. As he was slammed with Yutabon Papa and became an uproar of flames, he said on Twitter, ‘I really don’t care about people who are serious about times tables, but I don’t understand entertainment , so it’s over.’ It was a situation where he made a tweet like this and poured oil on the fire.

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Yutabon, a revolutionary boy, tweeted the denial of the suspicion that the multiplication table cannot be said[リンク]

After that, he posted a video of an elderly driver causing an accident at the end of a twisty ride, which also sparked controversy and brought daily internet news.

On September 12, Hirofumi Suga and Fumiki Ujihara from comedy duo Rozan will be on their YouTube channel.

[Les enfants qui ne savent pas faire les tables de multiplication]Children should be treated as “children”[リンク]

Although he didn’t mention his name, he used the Yutabon Riot as an example to talk about various issues related to raising children.
Both talk about the importance of treating kids like kids, not in a bad way. The problem is not Yutabon himself, but the adults around him who are in charge of educating him, etc.
It looks like the video received a variety of comments, including those who sympathized with it.

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