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MLB official featured Saisneed and Kiblehan’s ‘Murakami review’

Yakult’s young main gun, infielder Munetaka Murakami, is on course to become the youngest to win the Triple Crown. At the end of the 13th, he hit 55 home runs, which is tied for the most by a Japanese player and tied for second in history, and his .337 batting average and 132 RBI are also the best in the league. How does a fellow assistant view a 22-year-old? The official MLB website features Murakami under the title “Not Just Judges: The Main Gunner Who Challenges Home Run Records Across the Sea” and features “testimonials” from pitcher Saisnead and outfielder Patrick Kiblehan.

Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is nearing the American League record 61 home runs in the majors, and at NPB, 22-year-old Murakami is five shy of breaking the all-time record of 60 home runs set by Valentin (Yakult ) in 2013 . An article by journalist John Morosi presented Murakami as “a mirror reflection of the judges”. “Murakami hits left-handed, Judge hits right-handed. Murakami plays in Tokyo, Judge plays in New York.

Saisnead, who has been playing for Yakult since last year, explains, “His batting bats are definitely reminiscent of Judge’s. Both of them hit huge home runs.” When he joined the team, he heard from his colleague Scott McGuff: “He is a player who will become a major leaguer. “This year it’s on a different level. You don’t see him out of balance very often. I feel like I’m evolving.

Additionally, the mental toughness that racks up circuits while in the spotlight is also surprising. “I don’t think the situation is affecting him at all. On the contrary, it might push him to be more focused,” he praised.

Kibrehan, who joined Yakult midway through the season, also praises Murakami. “He’s a special man, he’s got all the makings of a superstar. He’s humble, he’s young, but he’s sending the whole country into a frenzy. People everywhere are wearing Murakami shirts. down and fans wait outside the hotel to get a glimpse. It’s like playing with a rock star.

And compare that to Paul Goldschmidt of the Cardinals, who is currently in the midst of a National League triple crown. “I played with Goldschmidt for a month. Murakami’s hitting sound is similar to Goldschmidt’s. Every ball has the right timing.” Murakami’s talent is highly valued by two players who once played at the majors. How much will the numbers increase in the remaining 15 games this season?

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