[Niigata]Escaped, team took big step towards J1 promotion Yota Komi’s first move, 19-year-old Shunsuke Mito also decided – Nikkan Sports

  1. [Niigata]The team took a big step forward in promotion to J1, with Yota Komi scoring the opening goal, and 19-year-old Shunsuke Mito also scoringnikkan sport
  2. [J2 “Escape”]Albirex Niigata, “Our strength” Coach Rikizo Matsuhashi talks about “overall strength”, and the “J1 promotion” was clearly visible! “20-year-old midfielder” Yota Komi beat Ventforet Kofu with a solid pre-emptive goal![J2 Mikata de Kei Totsuka](1)football reviews web
  3. Niigata takes the lead with two clear wins over Kofu! Sendai defeats Tochigi to claim first victory under Akira Ito’s new system[Résumé : Meiji Yasuda J2 Section 36]: J.League.jpJ.LEAGUE official website (J.LEAGUE.jp)
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