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If you use a damp cloth and soap to wash your dirty sneakers, you’re still within the 2021 norm. Check out Nike’s new robotic system, Bot Initiated Longevity Lab (BILL), which specializes in cleaning and repairing sneakers.


Provided by: Nike

At first glance, the big BILL looks like a Rube Goldberg machine, a mechanical device that deliberately performs simple tasks with complex gadgets. But BILL can not only wash sneakers, but also clean and repair them. Nike says the robot will help the company make shoes last longer and create products that can be remade and reused.

From floor cleaning to robotsTry on a sports braBILL popped into the sneaker realm while doing everything from parkour and somersaults to overtaking humans.

When a shoe is attached to BILL, BILL first creates a 3D digital model of the shoe to determine where to wash it with a large, colorful whistling brush. If the shoe has a tear, it can be repaired with a recyclable polyester cloth chosen by the owner of the shoe. Humans take over the rest of the process, with Nike store employees adding new insoles and laces made from recyclable materials. It takes 45 minutes to complete a series of tasks.

The machine is currently being tested at NikeTown London and is free to buyers. “People go to great lengths to take care of their favorite shoes,” said Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, sustainability manager at Nike NXT, in a statement. “Refurbishment is a way to retain product memory and we believe BILL can do that.”


Provided by: Nike

Currently BILL can be used to clean models such as Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1, Space Hippie 01 and Nike Dunk. But washing the Nike Cryptokicks NFT sneaker, which cost $130,000 in April, is going to be a challenge.


Courtesy: Alex Kurunis/Nike

This article is from Red Ventures Overseasarticlewas published by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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