President Kadokawa ‘Something so vulgar…’ was uneasy Toru Tamagawa ‘Something is excessive’: J-CAST TV watch

On September 14 (September 2022), the Tokyo District Procuratorate arrested Tsuguhiko Kadokawa (79), chairman of the major publishing house Kadokawa, on suspicion of corruption in connection with the corruption scandal surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Tokyo. “Prior to his arrest, Kadokawa had strongly denied any knowledge of corruption,” MC Shinichi Hatori said at the start of the “Morning Show” on the 15th.

He was arrested on suspicion of asking Haruyuki Takahashi, a former director of the organizing committee, to be selected as a tournament sponsor, and handed over a bribe of around 69 million of yen. Two former managing directors of KADOKAWA have already been arrested on the same charges.

  • Corruption at the Tokyo Olympics is spreading (the photo is an image)

    Corruption at the Tokyo Olympics is spreading (the photo is an image)

  • Corruption at the Tokyo Olympics is spreading (the photo is an image)

In response to media coverage…

Kadokawa responded to interviews with media companies on the 5th of this month. When asked if he knew about the bribes, he repeatedly replied, “No, not at all. ” I was angry. Regarding the suspicions, he said: “It’s all unexpected and confusing”, “I don’t know at all and I trust the employees.”

He admitted he had met Takahashi and said, “I said hello to ‘I would like to ask for publishing rights.'” In response to the question, he explained with gestures, “You’re stuck in forethought. . He’s a director, so it’s not natural to ask a director.”

How did the Special Investigations Department of the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office perceive this press conference? Lawyer Masataka Kamei, a former Osaka district attorney, said: “It is unthinkable for a subordinate to bribe without informing the president. I think he thought the ‘I didn’t know’ press conference of the president was a lie.” showed this.

Hatori: “Even though you denied it with such a strong tone at the press conference, you were also arrested.”

Toru Tamagawa (TV Asahi employee) “When I saw the video of the press conference, I thought it was unnatural to deny corruption by saying ‘I don’t understand’ at first. I I had never done it before”, and I thought it was excessive.”

Seo Dong-hui (lawyer): “The important thing for the future is to prevent this from happening again in similar events such as the Sapporo Olympics and the World Expo.


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