Prime Minister meets Iranian President | Reuters

Prime Minister to meet Iranian President

It was revealed on the 15th that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will meet Iranian President Raisi, who is also visiting the United States, in New York next week for his address to the United Nations General Assembly. Raisi, who is under US sanctions, will visit the United States for the first time since taking office last August. Kishida, who was born in Hiroshima and pursues a world without nuclear weapons, urges the speedy restoration of the dysfunctional Iran nuclear deal. This was confirmed by several diplomatic sources.

A 2015 deal between Iran and the United States, Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons has been pushed to the brink. collapse by the unilateral withdrawal of the United States and the violations of Iran. Indirect talks between the United States and Iran for reparations have stalled.

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