Rakuten/Tsuyoshi Yamazaki slumps to the ground for a touchdown… Do you misunderstand the safety judge | Full Count

Yamazaki in the 3rd inning is “spread out” next to base when returning to base

■ Softbank 7-3 Rakuten (15th, Rakuten Life Park)

Rakuten infielder Tsuyoshi Yamazaki made a painful throw-in. On the 15th, in the game against Softbank (Rakuten Seimei Park), Dai Suzuki hit a ground ball to pitcher Wada in the first undefeated third base. Yamazaki, the runner from third base, jumped up and Wada threw to third base.

Third baseman Shuto was unable to catch the ball and was temporarily ruled safe. However, possibly thinking he was out, Yamazaki left the base and sprawled out. Immediately after that he was hit and taken out.

Coach Ishii on the third base bench also touched with a stunned expression. After that he created chances for 1st and 2nd goals but couldn’t score which was a painful game for the team.

[Vidéo réelle]The director is stunned by the painful retouching… Yamazaki becomes a “sprawl” on the ground

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