Sebastian Vettel, angry at F1 who carried out the exhibition flight “I gave in to the president”[]

Sebastian Vettel angry at F1 demo flight

Sebastian Vettel has accused F1 of “giving in” to the Italian president’s demand that the world’s favorite show be held at Monza, breaking promises to scrap pre-race demonstration flights.

Formula 1 has pledged to become net zero carbon by 2030 as part of its wider sustainability strategy.

But Sebastian Vettel, who has become F1’s resident ‘environmentalist’, believes F1’s carbon-neutral initiatives will never be enough.

And last Sunday’s demonstration flight by the Italian Air Force’s spectacular Frecce Tricolori aerobatic team at the insistence of 81-year-old Italian President Sergio Mattarella sparked the self-righteous wrath of the four-time world champion. F1 world.

“I heard that the president insisted on a demonstration flight,” Sebastian Vettel told the media.

“He’s almost 100 years old, so maybe it’s hard to let go of that ego.”

“We were promised there would be no more demonstration flights and I think the chairman must have had a change of heart. Despite the boards around the track and the specific aim of making the world a better place, F1 just gave in. It was just

Sebastian Vettel has argued that F1 must stick to its program and not give in to demands that are incompatible with its commitment to the environment.

“They (F1) must not be affected,” added Sebastian Vettel.

“If you have a goal, don’t ignore the fact that you can’t achieve it like other countries. So stick to your words. But time will tell.”

Sebastian Vettel’s environmental activism, which many say is hypocrisy, has recently raised strong suspicions from Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi.

After Sebastian Vettel criticized the all-electric series and questioned its environmental reliability, Lucas di Grassi launched a scathing attack on Sebastian Vettel, calling his environmental activism “greenwashing” and calling it “not what he believed. really”.

F1 has not responded to complaints about Sebastian Vettel’s demo flight.

link:F1: From 2022, ban on demonstration flights by military aircraft before the final

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