Sexy Zone’s latest work “Trust Me, Trust You.” Ranked #1 on 6th Total Singles[Oricon Ranking](Oricon)

[Photo]Sexy Zone “Trust me, trust me.” All the photos of the jacket are publishedThe weekly point breakdown is CD: 213,000 PT (212,527 PT) / Digital single (single song): – / Digital single (bundle): – / Streaming: 552 PT. In the “Oricon Weekly Single Ranking” of the same day, it sold 213,000 copies in the first week and won first place for the first time. The point of this CD sales number was a big driver, and it also ranked first in the “total single”. “Trust Me, Trust You.” is the theme song for the TV drama “Tomodachi Game R4” (TV Asahi) starring Fuma Kikuchi, and was written by singer-songwriter Dai Hirai. Additionally, the coupling song includes the opening theme “Sleepless” for the drama “Akai Nurse Call” (TV series Tokyo) with Katsutoshi Sato. In addition, Sexy Zone’s first dome tour “Sexy Zone Dome Tour 2022 The Highlight” will be held from December 16.[Quel est le classement total unique]The total ranking is a music ranking that totals the number of CD sales, the number of digital downloads and the number of streaming plays. After announcing the CD Ranking, Digital Download Ranking, and Streaming Ranking, Oricon announces the ‘Total Oricon Singles Ranking’. Refer to our website “ORICON NEWS” for detailed calculation method. PT = dots. This year will start from “2021/12/27” “Weekly total individual ranking” will start from “2018/12/24” 11th)>

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