[TGS2022]Untargeted combat action “EVIL DEAD THE GAME” can be played (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]This work is non-target combat action game like “Dead by Daylight” and “Fifth Personality”. Players are divided into four cooperating survivors and the ghosts who hunt them. A battle lasts 30 minutes, and the survivors will have missions that follow the movie in the form of “collect cards”, “obtain the Book of the Dead and the Dagger”, “fight with the Guardian” and “seal the Book of the Dead “. Given. Survivors explore the map, scavenge weapons and more to build up their strength. You can fight advantageously by taking advantage of traits such as “Hunter” which is good at shooting, “Warrior” which is strong in battle, and “Leader” which enhances the ability to see the surroundings. In addition to physical strength, a “fear value” is defined, and if you are in the dark, the fear value increases and becomes disadvantageous. You can calm your fear by lighting a fire. In this work, the enemies are not only the ghosts controlled by the player, but also the ghosts of NPCs. There are many ghosts on the map, each attacking the player independently. Players who play as ghosts haunt these ghosts to enhance their abilities or summon powerful ghosts to hunt down survivors. When not possessed, the ghost can move at high speed and collect energy scattered across the map, and by consuming this energy, traps can be activated and possessed. In addition to possessing ghosts, it is also possible to possess poltergeist-type attacks such as possessing cars and running over survivors. By playing repeatedly, survivors and ghosts can become more powerful beings. You can refine your style of play, acquire techniques and enjoy more advanced negotiations. If you like the original work, become a character. Even for those who don’t, it’s a rewarding game where you can use characters with varying skills and aim for success.

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