The Kawasaki support group is screaming with a loudspeaker? ‘Reflecting on 2 million’ during Nagoya protests due to suspicion of hand | Football Tribe Japan

Behind Kawasaki Frontale’s goal Photo credit: Getty Images

Nagoya Grampus vs. Kawasaki Frontale, postponed to Meiji Yasuda J1 League Round 22, will be held at Toyota Stadium on the 14th. Since the event was postponed due to a false J League report by Nagoya Grampus, a discussion was taking place on SNS before the match about the details of the punishment against Nagoya Grampus by the J League. Among them is a controversial mockery that appears to come from a group of Kawasaki Frontale supporters.

This match was originally scheduled to take place on July 16, but was postponed due to a string of Corona positives in Nagoya Grampus top team. However, on July 26, Nagoya Grampus released a statement titled “Regarding the false report to the J League regarding the suspension of top team activities.” In the process of postponing the Kawasaki Frontale match, there was an error in the content of the report to the J. was

On the 30th of last month, the J League issued a reprimand and a fine of 2 million yen to Nagoya Grampus. However, on SNS, opinions such as “forfeiture of the match is appropriate” erupted, claiming that Nagoya Grampus may have intentionally postponed the match. Even after the substitute match date was decided, dissatisfaction with the J-League’s decision persisted.

In the 16th minute of the second half, MF Kento Kitta (24) scored a goal for Kawasaki Frontale to take the lead. However, just before the goal, striker Kei Chinen (27) and defender Shinnosuke Nakatani (26) clashed, and the ball hit Kei Chinen’s left arm.

Then, from the stands, Kawasaki Frontale supporters used a loudspeaker to curse the Nagoya Grampus players, saying, “That’s unsightly, guys. You shouldn’t have regretted it, 2,000,000.” .

This scene spread quickly on Twitter, with comments such as “This is terrible”, “Kawasaki should be fined 2 million yen!” The group of Kawasaki Frontale supporters are inundated with criticism.

Some SNS users, who seem to be Kawasaki Frontale supporters, said, “It’s unsightly to use a speaker…” and “I want you to be humble”.

Additionally, after the match, a Kawasaki Frontale fan behind the goal put up a banner saying, “I’m proud of the team who played fair and square” and “Can we change the schedule for 2 million?” What is Equity? . However, in response to taunts using this speaker, opinions such as “What’s fair and square about that?”

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