Top Speed ​​152km, Kaito Saiki of Daikyo University Submits Aspiring Professional Application Chiba Keidai’s Right-Hand Man Aya Kosaka Also Submits | Full Count

A total of 104 university students were also submitted by Hayate Miyazaki, the left-hander from Tokyo Agricultural University.

On the 15th, the Japan College Baseball Federation updated the list of candidates who submitted career aspirations posted on the official website. Five new players, including right-handed thrower Kaito Saiki from Daikei University, who boasts a top speed of 152 km, have been added.

Saiki, who is 181cm tall and 86kg, is from Osaka Prefecture and attended Daikei University in Hokkaido Sakae High School. He scored a 0.74 ERA in last year’s Fall Championship game and won the top ERA. This year’s spring league ended with 1 win and 4 losses, but recorded a 1.45 ERA.

Chiba Keidai’s right-hander, Aya Kosaka’s pitcher also submitted. In this year’s spring league, he scored 5 wins and became the driving force behind his first win. He also won the MVP title. In addition, throwers Hayate Miyazaki and others from Tokyo University of Agriculture also applied, and a total of 104 university students were posted that day.

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