Yutabon Strikes Back Japanese Report ‘Playing Suspicion’ With Proof Photo ‘I Gave Courage to a Child Who Doesn’t Go to School’ : J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

School refusal YouTuber Yutabon (13) has refuted criticism of a crowdfunding project that raised funds by traveling across the country to support absentee children.

Regarding the project, there were eruptions on the internet that it was not done enough to support out-of-school children. In response to such backlash, Yutabon posted “evidence” on YouTube and Twitter from September 13-14, 2022 that he had indeed encountered absentee children.

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

    From Yutabon’s Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)

  • From Yutabon's YouTube video

    From Yutabon’s YouTube video

  • From Yutabon's Instagram (@yutabon_youtuber)
  • From Yutabon's YouTube video

2 photos taken are also published

At the end of 2021, Yutabon said, “I want to travel to all 47 prefectures, meet out-of-school children and their parents, meet various people and learn from them, and give energy and courage to many people.” I raised funds through crowdfunding.

Raised more than 4.87 million yen and left on June 30, 2022 to travel around Japan for the “Yutabon study”. However, after that, almost no videos of Yutabon helping out-of-school children were released, and critics were slammed on the Internet, saying, “It’s all about tourism” and “This is not the original goal”.

In response to these criticisms, Mr Yutabon argued that he had in fact met more than 30 children refusing school. On September 13, he posted a video on YouTube with the title “Give energy and courage to children who do not go to school in the city where I was born”. In his hometown of Osaka, he revealed that he met a crowdfunding supporter who didn’t go to school.

Fans aren’t allowed to show their faces, so their faces are hidden, but they also released two shots of peace signs. “I think kids who want to go to school should go, kids who don’t want to go, and I think it would be great if they could do what they want to do with all their might, live freely and happy, and be happy and smiling. I developed a theory such as.

On the 14th, he posted on Twitter that he had received a “message from a kid refusing school he met the other day”, and revealed its contents. It is believed to have arrived via the child’s parents.

In response to such posts, Yutabon commented, “I’m really happy. Thank you. We’re already friends. Let’s meet again! Life is an adventure.”

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