《Hit directly by the person》 “It’s really painful that false information comes out one after another” Yui Asakura (26) confesses the whole truth about the “exit” from the quagmire 40 minutes “Money problems, stalking, half-cohabitation, hostesses, Dotacan…” | Bunshun online

Difficulty leaving the popular young talent Asakura Yui (26), who is familiar with the role of Aguilera in “Kamen Rider Revise” (TV Asahi). On August 30, the LIBERA management office announced on the official website that the contract with Asakura will be terminated on the same date.

In June this year, when Asakura confessed on SNS that she had been harassed, she was criticized for half-cohabiting with actor Ryo Sekoguchi (25) on “FRIDAY” (July 15 issue). Just before leaving, the magazine mentioned that “lateness” was considered a problem. After that, when several weekly magazines and internet media reported on Asakura’s “bad behavior”, he caught fire on the internet.

Asakura opened his heavy mouth and spoke from his heart for 40 minutes.

However, Asakura’s best friend and a Toei official defended Asakura and testified that ‘the fault is also in LIBERA’ (#1reference).

One day in September, “Bunharu Online” called Asakura walking in Shibuya. At first, Asakura didn’t say much when asking questions, but when he recounted the testimonies of his close friends and Toei officials, he made up his mind and opened his heavy mouth and talked about his heart for 40 minutes.

Yui Asakura who plays Aguilera in “Kamen Rider Revise” (from the HP program)

“How long do I have to endure…? I want my fans and the people who have helped me in my work to know the truth. Regarding the report and the office announcement. First, I asked to the office to leave in March of this year. I also submitted a resignation notice. There was a sense of mistrust in the office…I think that’s what started it all.”

――Why did you feel suspicious?

“Around August last year, I was approached by the president of the office and walked into the office, but according to office rules, my Twitter account was managed by a manager who is also the There are sometimes lies mixed in on Twitter, such as posts that look like they worked on a day off, or annoying customers by posting content they didn’t say without permission. . When I reported it, I had a conflict with my manager. Maybe I sounded arrogant because I was a newcomer.”

Asakura answers questions while confused by direct coverage © Bungeishunju

――The reason for leaving was that your relationship with your manager had deteriorated?

“No it’s not. It’s just the trigger. The reason why I decided to leave was posted on Instagram, but the main reason was the financial aspect. Since last fall about , the day my salary was decided.It was often not included or transferred due to incorrect calculations.I heard that it was not only me, but also other talents.

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