“A difficult world to live in” “I want to trash” Pro gamer “reverse guile post” is controversial → self-deleted tweet: J-CAST News[affichage du texte intégral]

On September 15, 2022, professional player Naoto posted a photo of a poster with warnings such as “No noise after 11:00 p.m..” Tweeted.

Naoto’s post, which commented that it was “difficult to live with” paying attention to late-night noise, received a flurry of comments for and against.

  • From Naoto's Twitter (RtyG_)

    From Naoto’s Twitter (RtyG_)

  • Post deleted (from archive)

    Post deleted (from archive)

  • From Naoto's Twitter (RtyG_)
  • Post deleted (from archive)

“It will be a nuisance for local residents. Be careful.”

Naoto is a professional gamer who is active primarily in “PUBG MOBILE”, which enjoys popularity as an “original Battle Royale game”. Since January 2010, he has been working as a member of the PUBG division of the “DONUTS USG” esports team.

Naoto updated Twitter in the early hours of September 15. With the comment: “It’s a difficult world to live in”,

“No noise after 11:00 p.m.”
“It will be a nuisance for local residents. Be careful.”

I posted a picture of a sticker that says. The notice is an illustration of a man shouting out loud with a prohibition sign taped to a white wall.

From the contents of the notice, it is believed that the poster was posted on Naoto’s house.

In response to this post, “Noriyun”, who works as a game streamer, replied, “Let’s move on to a property for gamers! “. For those who replied to your post,

“It’s hard to live with. I want to go wild now.”

also answered.

“When you play a game, the volume of your voice becomes louder and louder. You have to close the window and play the game. ” Don’t you think there are many people who are struggling to live because you talk loudly in the middle of the night?”

In response to this backlash, Naoto deleted a series of posts on the morning of the 16th.

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