Ano-chan is “the second coming of Yoshikazu Ebisu”!? “Hitoshi Matsumoto is Satsuma-age” The beautiful woman is “Emperor Buchigire” Yosuke Tagawa is also involved!! | Nikkan Taishu

Ano-chan is
*The image is from the official Instagram “@tvtokyo_tagaeb” of “Mizubara”

TV Tokyo’s popular variety series “Mizubara Route Bus Transit Confrontation Journey Encampment Battle 9 Ano-chan Participates in the Battle at the Foot of Mt. Fuji” aired for three and a half hours starting at 6:25 p.m. on September 14. This time we started at Mishima Taisha Shrine in Shizuoka Prefecture and headed to Kofu Castle in Yamanashi Prefecture for two days and one night.

The “Tagawa Team” led by Yosuke Tagawa (63), also known as “Mr. B Former Fuji TV presenter Moemi Kushiro (32) and Ryo Tamura (50) of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 participate in the “Kawai Team” led by Ikuto Kawai (34) of CZ.

In addition to the fixed-route bus and walking, taxis that can be used up to 10,000 yen were also used, and battles were fought with the famous places and specialties designated for each municipality as “positions”.

“The culmination of this confrontation was the existence of Ano-chan. (TV magazine editor)

When she appeared on September 2 on Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Sake no Tsumami Naru Hanashi (Fuji Television Network), she said to Hitoshi Matsumoto (59) in Downtown, “It’s like fish cake , so cute.” behaviour.

From the opening of “Bus Trip”, Okawa and other performers on the program were intrigued by how slowly he spoke. Also, there was a scene where I was surprised to see Okawa running with all his might and trying to get on the bus every time he passed in front of me.

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