[Centlight Commémoration / Chasing Diagnosis]Highly rated higher than Ask Victor More “I don’t feel uncomfortable with my physical condition” |


Keiichi Obata

■ King’s Palace

[Entraînement intermédiaire]In the Main Stakes in May, which was contested immediately after picking up an unbeaten victory, he finished 2nd by half a horse length at the end of the big outside rush. It was one step away from entering the festival. After that, he took the class to a victory, which was mixed with old horses. The summer is spent grazing for rest and growth, and in the fall the plan to leave the Centlight Memorial was drawn up early, and on August 17 he returned to Miura. Masami Matsuoka immediately jockeyed on the 25th, which was the first clock, and showed a good reaction at the end. Since then, every week, the Matsuoka jockey shows how enthusiastically he rides, and the horse responds with strong growth. The coming week’s pursuit was unbeaten from the outside, and when he aligned his body in a straight line, he stretched further with the final round and achieved the first half-length finish of horse.

◆[Saint Light Memorial 2022 Forecast / Chasing Diagnosis]A “B” grade for a popular track horse.

[Chasse finale]Matsuoka’s jockey also rides the final chase, and the same horse that hasn’t won over jumps in the past two weeks with wood. This week Kuragami was more excited than last week, and the horses responded well to that, making him the first two-length runner-up.

[Avis]The first victory was Nakayama, but the last two races were on the Tokyo course. In order to fine-tune the important corner work in Nakayama, once again considered “tricky”, jockey Matsuoka made adjustments on the outside for three consecutive weeks. Even though it’s only the final pursuit, I don’t feel any concern about my physical condition after putting a heavy load on it. Last week, Kurakami adjusted the Kurino Premium in the Keisei Hai AH with an exquisite amount of adjustments, leading to a solid 3rd place. Will this horse produce results this week?

Overall Rating “A”

◆[Saint Light Memorial 2022 Forecast / Chasing Diagnosis]The highest grade “S” is a popular horse with a maximum rate of 100% No setback from the previous race “Finishing the previous section”

◆[Saint Light Memorial 2022 Forecast / Chasing Diagnosis]Highly rated “A” rated horse from a popular family “Are you going to do your best here first?”

◆[Saint Light Memorial 2022 Forecast / Pedigree Trend]Combination of “350” unique recovery value waking up in Nakayama

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