Fuwa-chan apologizes for best friend Rino Sashihara’s complaint “I’ll fix it right” Japan Top News

  1. Fuwa-chan Apologizes For Best Friend Rino Sashihara’s Complaint “I’ll Fix It Properly”sanspo
  2. I’m frustrated… I can’t do it, I’m going crazy right now “I was frustrated at the airport. I was arrested” Rino Sashihara…goo
  3. Rino Sashihara’s Thoughts on Happiness Seen in Fuwa-chan “I think when all human beings wear it, they can become happy.”Appendix Sponichi
  4. [Fuji Television]Stream Part 2 of Rino Sashihara and Fuwa-chan’s Crown Program due to its popularity! Two people who are good friends even in private will respond seriously to the concerns of modern women! “Council Sashifuwa…PR TIME
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