‘Galius’s Labyrinth Remake’ wins the grand prize – will NIGORO bring back the MSX masterpiece? ? Announcement of the results of the “KONAMI Action & Shooting Game Contest”[TGS2022](Game Spark) – Yahoo!

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The “KONAMI Action & Shooting Game Contest” is a game contest with the theme of planning and developing new “action games” and “shooting games” based on many classic Konami titles. The grand prize went to “Galius’s Labyrinth Remake,” planned and developed by Takumi Naramura, which is owned by indie game developer NIGORO. This work is a remake work of Konami’s action RPG masterpiece “Galius’ Labyrinth” released for MSX, and it was a work that aroused great excitement from the moment of the proposal. Mr. Takumi Naramura, who attended the award ceremony as a representative, is a well-established creator who led independent game developer NIGORO, which developed “LA-MULANA”. There seems to have been considerable thought put into the original. When Mr. Ryosaku Ueno, the producer in charge of this competition, talked about the deciding factor for the winning work, he expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “I felt pressured by the proposal written in red on a black background. Among the works participating in this competition, there is an offer from Konami for commercialization. You can receive various supports from Konami, such as production advice, localization support, promotion, rental of development equipment, etc Awarding the Grand Prize does not necessarily guarantee commercialization, but I think you can expect enough to see the enthusiasm of Mr. Naramura and NIGORO members.

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