‘He seemed to stop in front of the batter’ ‘I was terrified’ of the out of control ‘mysterious magic ball’ | Full Count

Yuito Mori of Softbank, full of courage with the first professional starter in emergency pitch

■ Softbank 6-2 Rakuten (16th, Rakuten Life Park)

Fans are surprised by the “magic ball” that Softbank pitcher Yuito Mori showed during his first professional choke for an emergency pitch. “It looked like the ball had stopped in front of the batter”, “I think I could catch the ball with one hand”, “That ball is really amazing…”

In the game against Rakuten on the 16th, Softbank’s Okumura, who was scheduled to start, injured his right elbow, and so far has sent Mori, who has been a reliever in 460 professional games, to the mound. What surprised the fans was the Marmorejos’ second pitch in the lead in the 3rd inning without a score. He threw a “super slow ball” with his arms and the speed gun traveled 91 kilometers. The batter yelled something with an expression of “I got hit”, and it was a miss.

When “Persol Pacific League TV”, which distributed the game, released a video on the official YouTube channel, fan comments poured in. The fact that he threw it with a straight ball instead of a straight curve, ‘It’s amazing the shape doesn’t change from the fastball until release time…’ ‘Why can you hit her so slow with almost the same form?’” followed by a startling comment. Moreover, there were many voices of expectation for the former guardian deity’s new appearance, saying, “I am grateful for the increase in strength after coming here.”

[Vidéo actuelle]”I Was Afraid” The Mysterious Magic Ball The Batter Can’t Handle With Clocks 91 Kilometers And Strikes

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