Immortal Masterpiece ‘Casablanca’, Stanley Kubrick’s Collection of Masterpieces, ‘Dark Knight’ Series to be Released on 4K ULTRA HD and Blu-ray (Pia) – Yahoo! News

[Toutes les images]Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece Collection, “The Dark Knight” Series 4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray

“Casablanca,” released theatrically in the United States in November 1942, is a timeless story set in French Morocco during World War II, filmed by Hollywood stars Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It became a global hit and won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay at the 16th Academy Awards. It was theatrically released in Japan in 1946, and the famous lines and scenes such as ‘Kim no Hitomi ni Cheers’ and the song ‘As Time Goes By’ used as the theme song are still played in various situations. continue to be loved beyond For the first time in 4K, this time masterpieces that haven’t faded after 80 years are brought to life with high-quality picture and sound. Plus, it’s a must-have for movie buffs with a premium box specification that includes replica posters and lobby cards from the era, and a booklet filled with valuable materials. In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the production of “Full Metal Jacket”, a collection of masterpieces directed by Stanley Kubrick has also appeared. The 4-movie collection of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “The Shining” and “Full Metal Jacket” has become a 4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray set. This is also a premium box spec that includes a booklet and a collection of art cards. And to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the production of “The Dark Knight Rises”, three works from the “Dark Knight” series directed by Christopher Nolan will also be released in 4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray box set. Works included are “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Rises”. Additionally, the new key art & outer box contains a collection of booklets and a collection of lobby cards, making it an irresistible premium box for fans. ■ Product information “Casablanca” Japanese dubbed audio recording version (3 discs) Released on Friday, December 2 Product number: 1000822095 6,980 yen (tax included) Main story: 102 minutes Video privilege: 2 minutes +283 minutes +441 minutes[Première spécification]Beautiful specification of outer case, booklet (32 pages), mini poster (2 types, 1 each), transportation card, lobby card (3 pieces), location card (3 pieces), envelope* First Japanese dubbed audio recording from the TV Tokyo version (broadcast in 2000), the NET version (broadcast in 1967) and the Star Channel version (broadcast in 2013). Stanley Kubrick 4-Film Collection <4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray Set> (9 discs) Released on Friday, December 2 Product number: 1000822097 26,800 yen (tax included)[Œuvres enregistrées]・2001: A Space Odyssey Japanese dubbed audio added Recorded version <4K ​​ULTRA HD & HD Digitally Remastered Blu-ray> (3 discs) Main story 148 minutes Bonus video 221 minutes A Clockwork Orange (2 discs) Main Story 137 minutes Special Video 157 minutes The Shining North American Release <4K ​​​​ULTRA HD & HD Digitally Remastered Blu-ray> (2-disc set) Main Story 144 mins Bonus Video 88 mins Full Metal Jacket Japanese Dubbed Audio Version <4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray set > (2 disc set) Main story 117 minutes[Spécifications initiales]New deluxe paper booklet on key art and outer box (12 pages), art card collection: 2001: A Space Odyssey (4 discs) / Clockwork Orange (4 discs) / Shining (4 discs) / Full Metal Jacket (4 discs) Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Box <4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray Set> (9 discs) Released December 2 (Friday) Product number: 1000822098 19,800 yen (tax included)[Œuvres enregistrées ]・”Batman Begins” (3-disc set) Main Story 140 minutes Bonus Video 117 minutes ・”The Dark Knight” (3-disc set) Main Story 152 minutes Special Video 64 minutes + 149 minutes・”The Dark Knight Rises” <4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray set> (3 discs) Main story 165 minutes Bonus video 177 minutes[Première spécification de presse]Booklet collection with new key art & outer BOX premium luxury paper: Batman Begins (16 pages) / The Dark Knight (16 pages) / The Dark Knight Rises (16 pages), Lobby Card Collection: Batman Begins (10 discs) / The Dark Knight (10 discs) / The Dark Knight Rises (10 discs)

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