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Akie's Heart Is... Anti-State Funeral Escalation, Letter to Embassy Requesting Absence

Aired on the night of September 14, “DEEP NEWS(BS Nippon Television), the remarks of Keiko Iizuka, member of the editorial board of Yomiuri Shimbun, caught the attention.

 state funeralIn a remark on how foreign countries perceive Japan, whose public opinion is divided on the issue, Iizuka said many embassies in Tokyo have received letters from opponents asking them not to attend state funerals. .

In contrast,SRSSo

“Hearing this program and this story really shamed me as a Japanese person. More than anyone, I want the members of the Democratic Constitutional Party to hear it.

“In Japan today, people who are not even government officials but who do such things without permission are not controlled. This is abnormal.』

《What kind of people are they?? As a Japanese, I’m embarrassed…》

There are many angry voices.

took place on September 27Shinzo AbeBefore the national funeral of the former Prime Minister, the words and actions of the opposition are multiplying.

“What the hell is this person thinking? (Abbreviation) Even if it’s just to tie the wings, we should stop the president from attending the state funeral.

Kihei Maekawa, former vice minister of education, tweeted on September 15. Criticism of Rengo President Tomoko Yoshino’s announcement that she will attend the state funeral, but the “wings tie” is a bit disturbing.

Prefectural governors and others attend state funerals, but there are also active movements against this. In Kanagawa, Ibaraki, and Okinawa prefectures, lawyers and citizens’ groups have filed demands for resident audits, alleging that the spending of public funds to attend state funerals by prefectural governors and presiding officers of prefectural assemblies was illegal.

In July, immediately after the decision on the state funeral, many local governments including Osaka, Yamaguchi, Kochi and Oita received “threatening emails” demanding the cancellation of the state funeral.

Moreover, there are more and more heartless words about Akie Abe on the Internet. The last photo on Instagram of Akie was taken on June 18, before the shooting, while walking her dog.

《Please refrain from state funerals. It is a waste of taxpayers’ money. Instead, donate to those in need. 1.64 billion yen is a lot of money. impossible”

“I want you to refuse the state funeral! It’s a big amount of money, I want you to pay the money to the hard working medical workers in the new corona! 》

“I’m begging you, can you leave the state funeral? In this economic situation, some people won’t be able to eat tomorrow… Could you please cancel the state funeral?

And there are quite a few people who want to refuse the state funeral.

Anyway, shouldn’t we first quietly mourn the deceased?

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