Intellia East Asia News – Japan to extend financial support for Ukrainian evacuees for 6 months

Japan’s immigration agency announced on Wednesday that it would extend a financial assistance program for evacuees who fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February for six months.

As the current six-month support period is due to expire at the end of September, the Immigration Services Agency has decided to extend the program for evacuees living in Japan without guarantors for an additional 180 days.

A total of 224 people have so far received the aid, according to the agency. On Monday, Japan accepted 1,878 evacuees from Ukraine.

Currently, 190 evacuees are receiving assistance, including 104 who are still living in temporary accommodation facilities organized by the agency.

Japan provides such support on a case-by-case basis, as even some with guarantors in the country are struggling to get enough help due to their extended stay as the war with Russia drags on.

The agency has worked to connect evacuees without guarantors to municipalities and businesses in various parts of the country where they are then housed.

Once settled, the government provides daily payments of 2,400 yen ($17) for people aged 12 or over and 1,600 yen per person in the case of a family from the second member. A child up to the age of 11 can receive 1,200 yen per day.

Daily support is in addition to a one-time payment of 160,000 yen for those aged 16 or older and 80,000 for younger people to pay for items such as furniture and appliances.

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