Japan to start designating security-related land in 2022


Tokyo, Sept. 16 (Jiji Press)–The Japanese government is expected to start designating areas deemed important for national security in stages starting in 2022 under a law enacted last year.

In a cabinet meeting on Friday, the government adopted the basic policy on the law to regulate the use of land areas related to national security such as those near Self-Defense Force installations and border islands. distant.

He also presented seven examples of “acts that interfere with the functions” of significant facilities and remote islands that will be subject to regulation under the law.

The law defines SDF, U.S. military in Japan, and Japanese coast guard facilities, as well as nuclear power and fuel reprocessing and other facilities, as “significant facilities.”

It allows the Prime Minister to designate areas within one kilometer of significant installations, as well as remote border islands and certain other locations, as “supervised areas”, and areas around installations deemed to be particularly important, such as those with command functions, such as “special guarded areas.”

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