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King & Prince live-streamed “TraceTrace” -Dance Practice- the day before yesterday to commemorate the release of “TraceTrace”. It has already exceeded one million views.

King & Prince released their 4th album “Made in” on June 29, 2022, and won 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart for 4 consecutive albums of their 1st album. The long-awaited 10th single “TraceTrace” was released the same day before yesterday rice field.

To commemorate the release, “TraceTrace” -Dance Practice- will be streamed live on the King & Prince YouTube channel starting at 10:30 p.m. on the day of the release. An emergency announcement was made on the official King & Prince Twitter at 10:00 p.m. just before the start, but hints were given in advance, and among the fans, “What?” was mentioned.

First, four days ago on Saturday, the mysterious number “09142200” was posted, and on Sunday, the mysterious number “4594-334594-33” was distributed, but this is for people in their 30s and 40s . It’s “trace trace” in deep pager code. In addition, the next day, only a black image was delivered at first sight, but when the mobile screen brightness was adjusted, the words “Dance Practice” could be seen even faintly.

Then, the day before the release, “2022.09/14 22:30 TraceTrace Dance Practice XXXX” was delivered, and just before the release, it was finally announced, “Starting at 10:30 p.m., King & Prince’s TraceTrace Dace Practice LIVE, I’ll call her #NamaKimpu!!” has been distributed and implemented. After the live stream on YouTube, an Instagram live also took place to wrap up the release date. “TraceTrace” -Dance Practice- (Live Stream) has been archived on the King & Prince YouTube channel and has already surpassed one million views.

This work is the theme song for the Sunday drama “New Nobunaga Koki ~Classmate is a Sengoku Busho~” starring Ren Nagase. It’s an average pop song with the message that we will build our story by accumulating, but since it’s a song that doesn’t sing in unison, including the chorus, you can enjoy each member’s singing, but this is the content you can get.

The music video is mostly made up of dance, but the choreography was done by Norwegian choreographer Quick Style, and the dance theme is “androids and humans”. Beginning with an inorganic dance with electronic sounds, life is breathed in the middle, the chorus is lively and full of vitality, and the breathtaking android dance that is shown in the interlude is worth watching.

In addition, the first limited edition A is more than a friend but less than a lover, “Escort”, who sings you a wish of love, which is unrequited love. The tempo song “My Treasures” is included. The regular edition features the youth song “Super Positive!!” full of hope for the future, as well as the unreleased song “Akizora”, which was voted for the coupling of the 2nd single “Memorial”. Also, “Nothing compares”, which is a full English song this time, is a love ballad with a middle tempo that is sung softly.

As for the bonus footage, the first Limited Edition A includes the “TraceTrace” music video and the dance version. It includes a varied “Trace Race GP” video that battles in various “races” and the Lip Sync version of the “TraceTrace” music. Video. Both videos are full of King & Prince charm, so be sure to pay attention.

▼「TraceTrace」-Dance practice-

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