Kokugakuin Tochigi, who is active in Koshien this summer, wins bye and rebounds 10 points.

  1. Kokugakuin Tochigi, who has been active in the Koshien this summer, won a bye and rebounded 10 points.nikkan sport
  2. [Tochigi]Kokugakuin Tochigi, who participated in Summer Koshien, struggled. 13 to 12 victory goodbye ・Autumn Tournament high school baseball dot com
  3. Kokugakuin Tochigi wins overtime and wins Utsunomiya Minami etc. in the 3rd round Fall Tochigi Prefecture High School Baseball Day 4 | Sports, main prefectures, latest news | Shimotsuke Shimbun “SOON” News |Shimotsuke Diary
  4. The 75th autumn prefectural high school baseball tournament opens on the 17th All gamesTokushima Shimbun
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