Last summer, Koshien 4, Kyoto International High School left-hander Ruda Morishita announced his desire to become a professional Takano Ren | Full Count

The spring selection also refused to participate due to the spread of the new corona…

On the 16th, Japan Takanoren updated the list of players who submitted a professional application form published on the official website, and left-handed thrower Rudai Morishita of Kyoto International, who entered the quarterfinals at Koshien of the last summer was newly added. The number of submitted players has increased from 89 to 92.

Last summer, Morishita was noted as a high-ranking nomination contestant for his performance in the ace class despite being a sophomore. Although he refused to participate in this spring’s selection due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection within the team, he won the Kyoto tournament this summer and traveled to Koshien for the second consecutive year. The first match against Ichinoseki Gakuin (Iwate) was 4 runs in 3 sets.

Additionally, outfielder Aisuke Mikami of Jemi (Ehime) and infielder Yuta Terashima of Moriya (Ibaraki) recently submitted.

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