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Mr Ti

(Image: From YouTube channel “Tei-sensei”)

In recent days, an online debate has been taking place about “professional work and personal experience”.

The origin of this was remarks made by kindergarten teacher and YouTuber Ti-sensei when she appeared on the 13th broadcast of “Odoru! pacific saury Goten!!” (NTV). That day, the theme of the show was “The difference in views on marriage! Even if I don’t have children, I’m sending you parenting advice”.

Moreover, Mr. Ti said, “These days, there are at most one or two children in a house. But kindergartens see dozens of children every day. Experiences and knowledge are different. But don’t judge whether his advice is meaningful or not by whether you have kids or not, whether you’re married or not!” In the end, it turned into a smile and there was laughter in the studio, but it caused a controversial result on the internet.

Of course, there’s a nuance I said to try to make people laugh just for variety shows. However, it seems many people criticized its tone and content saying, “I can’t say anything unless my true feelings are mixed up.” Mr Ti made a media appearance during the Shizuoka kindergarten bus abandonment incident last week and is now a leading child care expert. There are many people who always had a smile and a sweet feeling, so I feel like I can’t help but be shocked.

Was there some sort of problem with Mr. Ty’s remarks? Are the people who criticize him right? Furthermore, we will analyze this controversy from the angle of “professional work and private experience”, and not only the profession of kindergarten educator.

‘Child rearing’ and ‘child care’ are similar but different

The most common comment on the internet was that “babysitting” and “babysitting” are different. As Mr. Ti said, while there is no doubt that the experience and knowledge of seeing many kindergarten children is valuable, “I don’t know if it’s effective at home or if it’s applies to my child”.

Even children who cannot read or write somehow understand that “kindergarten is a place where people who are not family members gather”, so they are not selfish and don’t do anything selfish, but they are restrained and patient in their own way. Moreover, there is also a tendency to listen to what the teacher says, not the parent.

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