“Moai” Received the Best TV Series Award in the Program Category from the Japanese Federation of Commercial Broadcasters | Dwango Jaypee News

“Moai,” which aired on TBS as part of the Friday drama (10 a.m. on Fridays) during October last year, won the top prize in the “2022 Japan Commercial Broadcasters Federation Awards Program Category TV Drama”.

The award was established by the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association in 1953 with the aim of improving programs, advertisements and broadcasting technology and further developing broadcasting activities. It is held once a year for programs and achievements involving commercial broadcasting companies in the member country, and honors excellent programs and achievements that are recognized as excellent.

Moai is about Rio Sanada, a businesswoman who becomes an important witness in a murder case, a detective who is Rio’s first love and seeks the truth about the case, and a lawyer who tries to protect Rio by all possible means. love story that revolves around people.

Thank you very much for this wonderful prize.

It has been almost a year since the broadcast started, but I still feel that the work has been so loved by receiving a lot of support.

I hope Rio and other characters live on in everyone’s life.

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