October 2 (Sunday) Part 1 STU48 “Whose flower is it?” Performance, Part 2 “Who owns the flower?”

tenmoon2Day (Day) 1departmentSTU48Show “Who are the flowers for?”2departmentShow “Who are the flowers for?”~Yumiko Takino’s Birthday~,

Tickets will be accepted during the following period.

◆ Joint receipt of tickets for each performanceURLs

Application period2022year9moon16Day(Silver)6:00 p.m.2022year9moon19Day(moon)23:59

Announcement of the winner2022year9moon22Day(wood)6:00 p.m.

deposit period2022year9moon22Day(wood)6:00 p.m.9moon25Day(Day)23:00


■ Show title

STU48Show “Who are the flowers for?”

■ Performance date

2022yeartenmoon2Day (Day)

■ Location




■ Rates

5600(tax included)1Beverage¥600separately

■ Seat type

All seats are designated

Reserved seat

■ Performing members

Chiho Ishida, Minami Ishida, Mizuki Imamura, Hina Iwata, Satone Utsumi, Yuka Oki, Kokoa Kai, Himeka Sako, Sayaka Takao, Yumiko Takino, Akari Fukuda, Airisa Mineyoshi, Sara Yoshida, Natsuki Watanabe, Rio Okamura and Yuka Kurushima


■ Show title

STU48Show “Who are the flowers for?”~Yumiko Takino’s Birthday~

■ Performance date

2022yeartenmoon2Day (Day)

■ Location



17:00 /18:00

■ Rates

5600(tax included) 1Beverage ¥600separately

■ Seat type

All seats are designated


SSPlease note that depending on the status of demand, seating may be available from the middle of the audience to the front seats.

Reserved seat

■ Performing members

Chiho Ishida, Minami Ishida, Mizuki Imamura, Hina Iwata, Satone Utsumi, Yuka Oki, Kokoa Kai, Himeka Sako, Sayaka Takao, Yumiko Takino, Akari Fukuda, Airisa Mineyoshi, Sara Yoshida, Natsuki Watanabe, Rio Okamura and Yuka Kurushima


STU48“Who owns the flower?” Performance ~Yumiko Takino’s Birthday Festival~
SSthe leaf isSTU48 Only special supporting members can apply.Applicants including accompanying personsIDENTIFIERIf you are not registered as a member ofSSThe seat request will be invalid.
STU48 special supporterSSFor more information on leaves, seeSTU48” official website orSTU48 Please see the special Supporting Members page.
・You can apply for multiple types of seats, but win1Seat type only.

Performing members may suddenly not participate or change for reasons such as poor physical condition. Tickets will not be refunded due to cast member changes.

Depending on the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus in the future, the opening time and performance time may be changed or canceled.

Please be warned.

Notes on holding an event (Please be sure to read.)

About gifts

In order to avoid crowds in the room, we have limited the number of staff to the minimum necessary for this event, and we cannot accept gifts on the day. Note that.

About hand luggage

You can bring luggage other than dangerous goods, but the staff will check the contents of your bag when you enter. Thank you for your collaboration.

To ensure the security of the site, it is forbidden to bring the following objects on the site.

・Regarding penlights It is prohibited to bring or use chemical lamps (types that emit liquid light).

Additionally, in the case of penlights other than official merchandise, the length is20Please use the one whose brightness is not significantly brighter than the official goods penlight. (Flashing items are not allowed because they may disturb other customers. Also, if there is a flashing mode in addition to the constant light mode, the use of the flashing mode is prohibited.)

Actions that obstruct the view of customers behind you are prohibited. Your face height, please.

・You are allowed to bring cell phones with cameras into the venue.(Film cameras, digital cameras and professional photographic equipment are not permitted.)

・The introduction and use of drones is prohibited, and the filming and recording of artists is strictly prohibited. Please note that if such acts are discovered, the data may be deleted or confiscated, and if malicious, you may be asked to leave. Also, in this case, we will not refund the ticket price, etc.

・It is prohibited to bring bottles, cans, firearms, including cooking utensils, explosives and dangerous objects, including fireworks and firecrackers, animals such as pets company, vehicles and other objects prohibited by law in the place. .

・Please refrain from bringing drinks. Please use the beverage counter on site.

・Please note that we may ask you to refrain from bringing other items that staff consider a nuisance to those around you.

About children watching

・Preschoolers may only enter if accompanied by a guardian. In addition, one ticket per person is required. We also recommend that children wear noise-canceling headphones (soundproof headphones or earmuffs) or music earplugs to protect their ears.

Measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus

・Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times in the room. Please bring it with you. If you don’t wear it, you won’t be able to enter.

・When entering and after entering, please regularly disinfect and wash your hands.

・In order to avoid splashing, cheering and calling are prohibited. Please support in a form that does not splash, such as pens and claps.

・There will be a certain distance between the stage and the audience area.

・We will measure your temperature with a non-contact thermometer when you enter.37.5If you have more than one degree, you will be refused entry.

・Please maintain social distancing when queuing at the entrance, selling goods, etc. Please follow the guide’s instructions.

・Staff will disinfect the venue regularly. We may ask you to move, so please cooperate.


For visitors>

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we ask all visitors to register their names and contact details for this performance.

New coronavirus contact confirmation app (COCOA*) on your smartphone and use it.

Be sure to pre-register before entering. We may ask you to confirm that you have completed your registration before entering the site, so please cooperate with us.

COVID-19 Contact Confirmation Request

COCOAunable to downloadQRIf you cannot read the code, please let the staff know on the day. I will give you a separate registration form.

*In the unlikely event that someone infected with the coronavirus is confirmed at this event, the personal information you entered will not be used for any purpose other than to submit it to local government agencies to cooperate in the investigation of the route of infection.

How to install the app

App storeWheregoogle playPlease search “Contact Confirmation App” and install it.

google play


App store

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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