“One Piece Odyssey” is a masterpiece full of “ONE PIECE” love! The Straw Hat Pirates’ grand adventure begins[TGS2022](Inside) – Yahoo! News

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This work was developed as an RPG game of “ONE PIECE”, which is moving forward with tremendous momentum, as the 25th anniversary of serialization, the original and the animation have exceeded 1,000 episodes, and box office receipts of the movie “ONE PIECE Film Red” exceeded 10 billion yen. , a close-up on the adventures of Straw Hat Pirates. It is full of elements that allow you to relive the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, such as the exchange of gags and tsukkomi like the original, the difference in temperature compared to the serious evolutions, the evolutions and replicas that save your friends in a pinch. Combat is turn-based, and there are multiple areas, including enemies and allies. After defeating an enemy, close combat characters can approach enemies near them or further away, and long-range attack characters can support them from a distance. Each role is clearly defined. Another feature is that it incorporates the easy-to-understand “three squares” compatibility system, which often appears in mainstream and mobile games. The battles are as easy to understand as possible, and on top of that, it has a finish that makes you feel like “ONE PIECE”. In addition, it is an irresistible work for “ONE PIECE” fans, such as speaking in full voice when the characters level up and using techniques, richly detailed 3D models and the ability to set individual costumes. “One Piece Odyssey” will be released on January 12, 2023. There seems to be a lot of undisclosed information at the moment, so let’s look forward to the next report and wait for the dawn of adventure!

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