‘Reflect and Apologize’ for Abortion Issues ‘Don’t Expose Shame’ So Takei Shouts ‘Before Colonies and Weeklies…’: J-CAST News

On September 16, 2022, media personality So Takei expressed his anger on Twitter, saying, “In front of a weekly settlement or magazine, join your hands from the bottom of your heart to the child you fell in love with and apologize- you.”

  • So Takei (pictured in 2019)

    So Takei (pictured in 2019)

  • So Takei (pictured in 2019)

“Do not be ashamed”

Mr. Takei tweeted early on the 16th, saying, “As a result of my stupid act, I had a child. I want to have a child. It is “sex education”.

Continuing, he also posted, “Before settlement or weekly magazine, join your hands and reflect and apologize for the child you fell for.” Although she did not give a specific name, she expressed her anger at the report on abortion issues.

After that, Mr. Takei posted, “I’ve also been told a lot about being a single parent, but I’m too sensitive in the wrong way to things like divorce and children born out of wedlock.” He wrote: “If such a family is made easier to live with, and if a system is created to support the parents even if they are separated, it will be easier for them to have children, and neither the parents nor the children will not suffer. .”

On the 11th, Mr. Takei mentioned the report on Giants player Hayato Sakamoto’s abortion problems in the form of answers to questions from viewers on the YouTube live stream. Regarding his impressions of meeting Sakamoto, he said, “He’s popular.” rice field.

After that, on Twitter on the 15th, he said, “Why do you write articles with titles and writing styles that damage people’s reputation?” I don’t understand the nerve of writing an article that makes me a villain,” he said of his displeasure.

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