Ryoko Shinohara’s Self-Cover Of Famous Heisei Song ‘Loss, Sadness And Strength’ Revived For The First Time In 28 Years – Chunichi Shimbun

  1. Ryoko Shinohara’s Self Cover Of Famous Heisei Song “Loss Of Love, Sadness And Strength” Relaunched For The First Time In 28 YearsChunichi Shimbun
  2. Shinohara Ryoko featuring t.komuro / Longing, Passion, Strength and 2023 (Lyric short ver.)with
  3. The image song for the Japanese version of “Street Fighter 6” has been chosen as “Koshisashi to Setsuna to Encouragement 2023”! Distribution to each music site has also started.player
  4. Ryoko Shinohara Covers The Representative Song “Koishisato Setsunasato Encouragement” Himself For The First Time In 28 Years Tetsuya Komuro Rearrangessports report
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