Samurai U18 coach Mabuchi, who suffered a crushing defeat against South Korea, lamented: “I can’t score points with this kind of play.” | Full Count

The Super Round game against Korea was completely beaten 0-8.

On the 15th (16th Japan time), Japan’s high school national team “Samurai Japan” beat arch-nemesis South Korea 0-0 in the first match of the super (final) round of the “30th Cup WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup (Bradenton, Florida, USA) 8 and crushed. The pitching staff was motivated and there were some painful defensive mistakes. The batting line-up was also ruled out by pitchers who were nominated for first place in South Korea’s draft, including the shocking 163kg right arm. Manager Shiro Mabuchi lamented the loss of the first mistake after he prefaced the loss in the situation where he couldn’t lose a single game, saying, “It’s the director’s responsibility.”

In the end, I was defeated. Director Mabuchi, who appeared in the mixed zone where he was interviewed, had a stern expression. “It’s the coach’s responsibility, but Japan shouldn’t score with this kind of play. You can’t win with power alone. We made big mistakes on the third and fourth goals. I regretted the 4 points of the first time.

Pitcher Yosho Yamada (Omi), who became the tournament’s first starter, was caught the first time around. Lose 2 points, still 2 dead 1st and 2nd base. Third baseman catcher Watanabe Kai unexpectedly dropped the ball from the next batter. I let two runners survive. An unknown twilight game. There is a possibility of the white ball overlapping the white sky, so I thought, ‘Isn’t it hard to see?’, but it was too painful a loss for Korea, who have a training good pitchers.

Yamada, who started, also disrupted ball control, and was pushed with 6 runs in 2/3 of the 1st inning. Korea’s big hitters didn’t bother Yamada in the first inning. It was said to be a far cry from the original performance, saying, “The control was bad. Korea can see the ball to some extent.” When asked about his condition, he twisted his head and said, “What should I do? and didn’t say much.

As for the batting line-up, starting pitcher Kim Jong-eun and left-hander Yoon Young-chul, who was the second pitcher, closed out key runs with three innings apiece. In the end, outfielder Shogo Asano (Takamatsusho) missed Kim So-hyun’s 163-kilometer (101-mile) fastball and went down after a strikeout. If they win all Super Rounds in the future and become 3 wins and 2 losses, it is possible that the TQB (Total Quality Balance) of the team with the same results will cause them to come back from behind, but Mabuchi Japan will be forced in a difficult situation.

Coach Mabuchi said: “Anyway, we can’t lose. If it was a tournament, today’s loss would be the end of the game. We are lucky because it’s a tournament game. championship. We want to win against the United States.”

(Tordai Kawamura / Kodai Kawamura)

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