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Asakusa is a famous tourist destination. The area from Kaminarimon-dori to Nakamise and Sensoji Temple is always crowded with people, but the number of tourists drops sharply as you head north from the back of Sensoji Temple. In this area called “Ura-Asakusa” or “Oku-Asakusa”, the prices of shops are not as touristy as in the Nakamise area, and time passes slowly.This is the territory of the locals.

So when I asked the locals about their recommended restaurants, they gave me some interesting information. The bistro menu is mostly Western dishes.A shop where all the regulars eat ramenIt is said that there is

・The reason ramen is on the menu

Mr. Nukui, who was born and raised in Asakusa, told me this story. Mr. Nukui, who grew up in this neighborhood for 40 years, not only has been going there since he was a child, but is also said to have been the first to put pepper in his ramen.

Mr.Nukui“It was called ‘Bistro Fukushotei’ in Kannonura and was originally called ‘Skyline’. At first it was like a mini ramen, but it got bigger and bigger.”

──That’s what he said. So when I went to the Bistro Fukushotei address, there was an elegant restaurant there.

・Watch the menu

It’s neat and clean, but at the same time, it’s a comfortable size and has a bit of downtown luxury to it. You could call it kindness. Western food that ordinary people can go to meet. Totally bistro.

──However, when I looked at the lunch, it was definitely written as a ramen lunch.

Also, the content of the ramen lunch is “chicken cutlet + rice + small ramen”.Carbohydrates get a little weird. From my first visit to the store, it looked like the ramen had been screwed up by force, but is there a reason to put them on?

・Even if you order

Or maybe global subtraction balances carbs? Ah! By chance, the rice is as mini as the ramen? When I ordered there…

the rice is normal……!

Small ramen comes as a fuller α. Because the set is completed with a chicken cutlet and rice,Even if you look at the real thing, it still looks like the ramen is screwed.


I mean, even though the ramen is mini, it’s a solid bowl. So when I tried to eat ramen,It was a taste that makes you feel the Chinese town

The so called soy sauce ramen is nothing. However, if you drink a little soup, you’ll want to have another bite. It’s not like a family soup filled with umami, but it’s not monotonous,The feeling of space begs for the next sip. It has a very deep flavor.

However, the compatibility between ramen and chicken cutlets is not particularly good.. The chicken cutlet is a complete set with rice, and the ramen is a one-of-a-kind ramen.

So after all, when you’re asked if you don’t want ramen,honestly i want. It’s strange that now that I’m done eating, I feel lonely without the little ramen.A guy like Ranma

You are the one who lived in the only room of my heart like a breeze without ringing the bell. Also, when I went there really was a set of ramen ordered for each table.

・Date and time you can eat

It’s annoying, but this slapstick ensemble makes me feel like I’m fine just for tonight. For now, it is certain that 950 yen including tax is not expensive in quantity.

By the way, when I asked the store clerk, in September 2022, it seems that this lunch set is the only place that serves ramen as a menu. The lunch set can be ordered from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It’s closed on Mondays and there’s no lunch on Sundays, so if you want to eat ramen, please refer there.

・ Information about stores introduced this time

Name of the shopFukushotei Bistro
addressFukushotei Building 1F, 3-31-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
working hoursTue-Sun 11:30am-2:00pm (LO 1:30pm), 6:00pm-8:00pm
Regular holidaysmoon

writing:Seiji Nakazawa

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