Sendai Ikuei Advances to 3rd Round of Fall High School Baseball Miyagi Tournament Day 6 | Kahoku Shimpo Online News / ONLINE NEWS

Sendai City Baseball Stadium

The 75th Tohoku District Prefectural High School Baseball Tournament in autumn played four games in the second round at Sendai Municipal Stadium and Kashimadai Central Baseball Stadium on the 16th, with Sendai Ikuei, Sendai Minami, Furukawa and Rifu qualifying for the third round. From the second round, matches will be played with spectators. On the 17th, six second-round games will take place at three venues, including Kashimadai Central Baseball Stadium.

▽ Second Round (Sendai Citizen)
General product volume 00000/0
Sendai Ikuei 5113×/10
(five times called game)

Seiwa Gakuen 101001020/5
Lee House 20400000×/6

▽Same (Kashimadai center)
Sendai Castle South 0002000000/2
Sendai South 1000100001×/3
(extended ten times)

Furukawa 000012020/5
Furukawa Gakuen 000000110/2

Sendai Ikuei vs. Tome Sogosan Late in the 1st inning, Sendai Ikuei hits the bases loaded with no outs, sweeps the runners and hits a triple, then slips to third base. Yo Saito = Citizen of Sendai
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