“Street Fighter 6” 18 characters released. The image song for Japan is “Loss and sadness and strength and 2023”

Capcom is September 17 (Saturday),“Street Fighter 6”appears in18 peopleannounced the character of

Also, the Japanese image song for “Street Fighter 6”“Loss, sadness, reassuring and 2023”It was decided to beThe original version of “Love, Sadness, Encouragement” is a theatrical animation“Street Fighter II MOVIE”A famous song that was used as an insert song and recorded double million sellers. This time, Ryoko Shinohara herself just recorded.

Also, in the “TGS2022 Street Fighter 6 Special Program”Ryoko ShinoharaMr. andTetsuya Komuroappeared. Ryoko Shinohara commented, “I was able to sing thinking back to those days.” Mr. Tetsuya Komuro“These lyrics were born from the image of Ryoko Shinohara and ‘Chun-Li’.”I’m talking about the episode.

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