SUPER BEAVER Documentary “Roman” Debut Decision (Billboard JAPAN) – Yahoo!

Other photosThis video is based on footage from the 21-performance nationwide tour held from March to support the full album “Tokyo.” In commemoration of the release of the documentary video work “The Documentary of SUPER BEAVER ‘Tokyo’ Release Tour 2022 ~Tokyo Rakuda Story~” released on September 28, a pre-screening event will be held at 43 theaters nationwide on September 15 . is retained. At the pre-screening event held this time, in addition to the screening of a documentary video, four members of SUPER BEAVER held a stage greeting at Shinjuku Piccadilly, which was broadcast live to cinemas across the country. As a surprise at the end of the stage greeting, it was announced that the documentary music video for SUPER BEAVER’s song “Roman”, which was produced based on the documentary footage from the hall visit, will be shown in premieres September 16 at 9 p.m. .became. ◎ BD/DVD Release Information “The Documentary of SUPER BEAVER ‘Tokyo’ Release Tour 2022 ~Tokyo Rakuda Story~” 2022/9/28 RELEASE SRXL-359 7,200 yen (tax in.) SRBL- 2064-5 6,200 yen (tax entry)

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