Takeru Sato and Mao Inoue’s Authentic Romance Drama “TBS Next January” Will “Erika Toda’s” Comeback Drama” After 1 Year and 3 Months Disappear? Intertwined Relationship! | Daily Public

The authentic romantic drama
Takeru Sato, Mao Inoue, Erika Toda

Sato Takeru (33) will also appear in the drama series starring Mao Inoue (35) as “Josei Seven” (Shogakukan) released on September 15 will air on TBS at 10:00 p.m. Friday through January 2023. reported this.

“This time, the drama starring Inoue-san and Sato-san is likely to be a full-fledged work of love that depicts love and separation between a man and a woman.

And this drama will be the 3rd season and the theatrical version of the drama series “Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Relief-” (Fuji TV series) starring Tomohisa Yamashita (37), and the NHK TV novel “Welcome back Monet” in the first half of 2021. It is said that Naoko Adachi, known for works such as

So now the question is, ‘What will happen to Erika Toda (34)? ” (Wide Show official)

Regarding the drama, the reason why Erika Toda has become a hot topic, that is, the web version of “Josei Jishin” will be released on June 27 this year, and Toda will star in the written drama. by Naoko Adachi for the January quarter of TBS next year. It has been reported that she will be making a full-fledged comeback to the acting world.

In October 2021, it was reported that Toda quit the job he was to appear in due to physical and mental health issues, and after that he rested, but according to the article, if he returns in the drama will be true at the start of the school year in January 2023. It will be a return after 1 year and 3 months.

“In the 2011 Monday 9th drama ‘You Taught Me All the Important Things’ (Fuji TV series), which was written by Mr. Adachi, Mr. Toda and the late Mr. Haruma Miura star in WM Toda is also appeared in the “Code Blue” series and has a deep relationship with Mr. Adachi.

Besides that, there are various behind-the-scenes stories, and “Women’s Himself” must have reported Mr. Toda’s appearance, but I wonder what it will be like… There are reports of a co-starring drama between Inoue-san and Sato-san in ‘Josei Seven’, and the information gets mixed up.” (as before)

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